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4 Education Applications in Data Analytics Today

Data analytics is defined by Phil Long and George Siemens as the measuring, collecting, analyzing and reporting data for the simple reasons of understanding and optimizing performance in different environs. In this guide, we shall assess the applications of data analytics strategies and technology in the education sector and the impact it could have. Using […]

What are the Advantages and Limitations of Big Data Analytics?

In data analytics, companies examine and analyze the crucial information and draw a conclusion. The overall technique allows the companies to uncover the pattern and determine the insights. According to business protectives, data analytics is the best approach to determine the insights of finance, sales, operations, product development, and markets. Furthermore, it allows the business […]

How Does Data Analytics Help Businesses Get Positive Outcomes?

Nowadays, digital media has made it easy for businesses to determine customer interests by settling social media interaction, mobile app usage, and digital clicks. Data analytics play a vital role in bringing positive change into the business environment while providing high-level protection to data. Through data analytics, Edgar Radjabli started his first business of demographics consulting company […]