Four Things to Know Before Venturing into Data Analytics Career

Data analytics has been listed as one of the most useful skills one can have in any company. Businesses collect and generate a lot of data from their daily interactions that make it hard to ignore the essence of proper data management skills. Through proper data analysis and interpretation, organizations can make informed decisions. There are new inventions like machine learning or Artificial Intelligence which allows most businesses to easily study customer trends and decide their next moves. In order to be a successful data analytic, you should have the following skills discussed below.

Regular interaction with numbers

The two basic duties of data analytics are to deal with a lot of figures or statistics and the second role is explaining the findings of the statistics in plain language for a layman to understand. In this context, you find statistical techniques to be very instrumental and so are other math skills which you could use in data analysis and interpretation. The very basic drive for most data analytics, as explained by Edgar Radjabli, is developing their problem solving ability. You should therefore not be scare of calculation, computing, dividing and drawing conclusions from the information you get.

Learn some coding

A lot of people are fast to assume that computer science is a necessary course for data analytics. While this is true, there are successful analytics in the market that only focused their energies on coding before venturing into the world of analyzing and interpreting information. Start looking at some of the best methods and software to use for programing and data manipulation. There are numerous resources that you can use for programing for instance software like python, R, Hadoop, Excel and many more. Taking a course in computer programing and coding could equip you with the skills you need to be a data analytic.

Improve your communication skills

To completely ace the interview for the job vacancy you want to fill, proper communication skills are necessary. You might have all the skills needed however if you cannot package yourself nicely with ideal communication skills, getting the job could be hard. You will obviously deal with a lot of data which means people count on you to help them understand everything you have learnt from the information given to you. Attitude and time keeping are among the qualities that good communication is based on so you might want to ready yourself for the same.

Job description does not cover it all

An interviewee could have all the skills needed according to the job description but find things to be different once they get hired. To fully fit in the company, you need to be versatile and be a problem solver. You will be given different things to do that may not be in your job description for instance cleaning data which entails looking for coding problems and clear the errors for total comprehension of the data being analyzed.

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