What Skills are Required for Data Analysts?


Technology is rising without any limits with time. There are several fields available in the technological arena. Data analytics falls under these categories of technological revolutions. As people are transforming their lives into digitally-driven lives, the usage of data is also increasing. So, data analytics will be the future and it is a great option to choose it as your career. However, to become a data analyst, you should go through some training programs or courses. Tech entrepreneurs like Edgar Radjabli are helping students and those who are willing to pursue a career in data analytics with their grants and offers. You can take advantage of such offers to develop your knowledge without financial constraints. However, you must have the following skills to become a quality data analyst.

Critical thinking

If you do not love to think out-of-the-box, data analytics would not be your optimal career. The field requires a lot of critical thinking capabilities and you should master them. You should know to analyze the problem and should come up with all possible ways of approaching it. As you would be dealing with tons of data at once, you will end up wasting a lot of time if you could not come up with the best approach. So, you should develop your critical thinking skills to become a data analyst.


If you do not know Excel, you cannot become a data analyst. As the primary reason to use Excel is because of its data-handling capacity, it becomes mandatory for analysts. However, you will be using this tool occasionally when the datasets are small and easily manageable. You cannot ignore learning excel because of its occasional usage. So, it is better to begin with this tool. You may know a bit about this tool already. However, there are various advanced techniques and capabilities available in this tool to learn. It is better to start any course on excel.


You may think that excel could not handle large datasets and could not offer some advanced capabilities. To solve this issue, there is a specific language designed for database management known as SQL. So, you can start learning this language. You will find it easy to learn and there will not be any complexities. However, the capabilities of the language will be complex to help with data analytics. The combination of SQL and excel is necessary for data analysts.

R and Python

You will be aware of the various programming languages available at the moment. The majority of these languages will be used for application or web development. However, some of them will have certain other uses like statistical implementations. For instance, you can use Python to design and develop predictive models that are found in data analysis. Similarly, R could also be useful for such activities. So, you should start learning any of these technologies in your journey to become a data analyst.

Data visualization

You should also learn to visualize data in various forms like graphs, diagrams, and the likes. Technologies like Tableau could help you.

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